The LaBelle’s / Couples / Ashley Mueller Photography


Paul + Lynn

My first blog post of 2016, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Its been a tad busy around here, hence why I haven’t been able to blog any sessions until now. This week is a quiet week, so Im catching up on blogs- then be prepared for tons of sessions/blog posts in February…its going to be busy!

First up are my fabulous parents! Ive been bugging them for 3 years to update their photos and FINALLY they did. I whisked them away to the mountains (I’m obsessed with mountains right now) and spent most of the day just snapping photos. I always find these two very easy to take photos of, because I don’t have to guide them through sessions as much…they are just so natural infront of the camera- I love it!

Enjoy the photos!

IMG_7026IMG_7078IMG_7303IMG_689710x20 2IMG_7135IMG_6952IMG_7187IMG_7104IMG_6885IMG_6985IMG_6724IMG_6830-EditIMG_69531IMG_6787IMG_7312IMG_7142IMG_6747-2IMG_6871IMG_6856IMG_7067IMG_7187IMG_7312IMG_7253IMG_6769IMG_7032IMG_7104

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