About Me

hello friend!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog!!

Ive happily been a photographer for over 7 years. Over these 7 years Ive taught myself everything I know about photography/editing and I find I grow with every session. I specialize in family, children, engagement, boudoir, newborn and weddings (yes, I do it all). My photography style is a mixture of posed and lifestyle in a natural-light environment. I love to get the special family shots but also those just-as-special in between moments of snuggles, laughter and butterfly kisses. I love for my photos to embrace the colours around us, green from nature, bright colours from urban settings and everything in between. I truly do love photography…every aspect of it and to be able to call this my job- WOW! It really is the best job ever, I have thee most amazing clients…I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So blessed!

Ashley Mueller

Website —> http://www.ashleymuellerphotography.com

Instagram —> https://instagram.com/ashleymueller

Facebook —> http://www.facebook.com/ashleymuellerphotography

Pinterest —> https://www.pinterest.com/ashmuellerphoto

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